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​Survey Standards and Guidelines and Consultants Lists

PA SHPO Survey Standards and Guidelines

The PA SHPO maintains standards and specifications by which the PA SHPO reviews and evaluates environmental review documentation for both archaeological and architectural resources. 

Please Note: Beginning in May 2021, PA SHPO is updating many of its forms and guidance documents to reflect our current practices and transition to PA-SHAREIf you would like to request a copy of a removed document, please email Shelby Splain, Education & Special Initiatives Coordinator, at When available, the updated guidance will be available here.



Hiring a Consultant

If federal or state agencies do not have the qualified personnel to identify or assess effects on historic properties, hiring a cultural resources consultant may be necessary. Before seeking consultant services, it is important to have a clear understanding of the needed scope of work, which should be developed in coordination with the appropriate reviewer. Look to hire qualified personnel, request bids from multiple firms for comparison, and seek references on the quality and past performance of a firm before making a final decision. PA SHPO maintains a list of consultants by discipline and service. While an agency may delegate their compliance responsibilities to a consultant, it is the agency that remains legally responsible for completing the environmental review process.