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General Facility Rules

Please Enjoy Your Visit and Observe the Following Rules:

Access the Facility:  In accordance with posted opening and closing hours.  Visitors and organizers of events at PHMC facilities will follow all current Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC guidelines including but not limited to the wearing of face coverings and maintaining social distance. Current specific guidelines will be posted and made available to all visitors and organizers at their reques

Throughout the entirety of the facility:  Prohibited activities include but are not limited to:  littering, drinking alcoholic beverages unless served as part of an approved site activity; the use of metal detectors; digging; hunting; fishing; trapping; swimming; skateboarding; sledding; ice skating; climbing trees; golfing; soliciting; discharging weapons or projectiles of any kind; and open fires of any kind outside of designated cooking areas.

Within the buildings of the facility:  Running, climbing, jumping, or engaging in other disruptive or dangerous behaviors are prohibited. Street clothing and shoes are required. Unless otherwise noted, please do not touch exhibits.

Children Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Food and Beverages may only be enjoyed in designated areas.

No Smoking, Please.

Cell Phone Use: Kindly be considerate in your use of cell phones.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner: Ensure your pet remains on a leash while on the grounds, and please clean up after them.  Pets, apart from service animals, are not permitted in any of the buildings. 

Getting Around: Off-road motorized vehicles and horses are prohibited.  Motorized vehicles, except for wheelchairs, are not permitted on grassy areas, pedestrian pathways, or sidewalks.

Photography and Recording for commercial Use:  May only be done with permission from the Property Head.  During your visit you may be filmed, videotaped, and/or photographed by a facility employee or contract photographer.  Your attendance serves as permission for the use of your image by the facility for promotional or marketing purposes. 

Respect This Museum: Any conduct deemed detrimental to the facility, or which may impinge upon the safety or enjoyment of visitors, is prohibited.

Special Use of the Site: Please talk with staff if interested in any special use of the site or to schedule private visits.

Please check with the site that you are visiting for specific rules.

The above rules have been adopted pursuant to 46 PA Code, Chapters 1, 3, and 7

Current as of November 2020