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Convenience. Efficiency. Connections.
They’re all part of the plan.

PA-SHARE. An innovative platform designed to streamline, speed, and improve every project.

By providing one place to access all PA SHPO data, research, and programs, as well as new tools and user dashboards, our new platform can transform project planning. And bring real benefits to developers, consultants, agencies, municipalities, and individuals alike.

All of your cultural resource needs in one platform.

PA-SHARE integrates all of PA SHPO’s cultural resources data into one GIS database, giving you a single source for information. To make matters easier, our user dashboards let you track applications, responses, and upload information directly.

By eliminating paper applications and reducing unnecessary searching, PA-SHARE streamlines processes, and speeds reviews. While innovative tools, like the Surveyor app, lets you conduct resource surveys in the field, capture data, and submit it to the PA SHPO GIS.

Through PA-SHARE, you can better connect with grant and tax credit opportunities, cultural resource data, and even our expert staff. Eliminating paper processes gives the PA SHPO staff more time to work with you, providing insight and guidance.

Turn to PA-SHARE for:

• Project submission & project status tracking
• Historical marker searches
• Interactive maps with access to over a dozen layers
• Collection & submission of historic &archaeological resource surveys

• National Register of Historic Places eligibility searches & determinations
• Access to legacy and digitized place-based data & research reports
• One location for all PA SHPO project communication


Watch this video to learn more about PA-SHARE and ​