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Pennsylvania Trails of History

History is just ahead! With over 300 years of American history at your fingertips, which trail will YOU take? Follow Pennsylvania Trails of History through our nation's farming, industrial, military and community roots. Jump in the car, fill the tank and spend a day traveling back through the centuries. 

Plan your journey today by first checking out PA History 2 Go! These short videos serve to introduce you, the virtual visitor, to Pennsylvania's state-owned historic sites and museums as we explore the varied stories that make up the commonwealth's rich history.

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History Hubs

All trails intersect at PHMC's headquarters in Harrisburg.

History Hubs Sites:

Military History Trail

Connecting sites of military significance, this trail maps a comprehensive tour of forts, battlefields and training grounds.

Military History Trail Sites:

Historic Homes Trail

From modest stone houses to sprawling estates, this trail opens the door to Pennsylvania's past.

Historic Homes Trail Sites:

Industrial Heritage Trail

The labor of iron, coal, oil and lumber workers built businesses and communities that left legacies on this trail and beyond.

Industrial Heritage Trail Sites:

Rural Farm and Village History Trail

Rooted in Pennsylvania's rural beginnings, this trail leads to pastoral landscapes from Colonial to recent history.

Rural Farm and Village History Trail Sites: