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Help Materials

There are a few different ways users can find help and support as they learn how to use PA-SHARE. Please note that additional help materials are under development and will be published to this page.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to assist users in performing tasks in PA-SHARE.

Signing In and Subscribing to PA-SHARE

Searching for Resources and Other Information in PA-SHARE

Submitting a New Environmental Review Project in PA-SHARE

Submitting a New Historical Marker Nomination in PA-SHARE

Submitting a New Request for a DOE Project in PA-SHARE

Submitting a New Request for an National Register Project in PA-SHARE

Submitting Surveys, Resources and Reports for Environmental Review Archaeology Investigations

Submitting a Success Story in PA-SHARE

Adding an Above Ground Resource to PA-SHARE

Adding an Archaeological Resource to PA-SHARE

Understanding the Map Interface in PA-SHARE

Understanding PA-SHARE's External User Queues

Managing a Covenant Project in PA-SHARE

Managing a Keystone Review Project in PA-SHARE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visit the dedicated PA-SHARE FAQ page on the PHMC website for answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact Us

Email the PA SHPO with questions and request assistance by sending us an email at We will do our best to answer your email quickly so that you can continue with your work.


Throughout PA-SHARE, there is robust contextual help, meaning helpful guidance right on the screen next to the area you’re working with. You can also find help through the help website associated with PA-SHARE. Just look for the question mark in a circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen.