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AlertThe Ancestry PA Zip Code verification is currently not functioning. PHMC and its website host are currently working on a resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

The Pennsylvania State Archives has a partnership with to digitize family history records in the State Archives and make them available online. The list of records available is located in the bottom left corner of the Pennsylvania web page.

How do I obtain access to PA State Archives records on

Free access to Pennsylvania is available to Pennsylvania State residents. This access requires a free Pennsylvania account. To begin, enter your zip code in the form at the bottom of this page, and you will receive a link to the Pennsylvania search page.


Follow these steps to create your free account

  • Enter your search parameters (name, birth year and location, etc.) on the initial search page. The results will display entries found in the Pennsylvania State Archives records.
  • Click on any of the documents in the list of results, and you will be prompted to "Create a Free Account."
  • Enter your name and email address. You may opt out of receiving additional communication (such as email promotions) by checking the appropriate box. will send you a user name and password.
  • View any records available through the Pennsylvania page at any time by signing in to your free account.
  • Remember, you will have free access only to the records available through Pennsylvania, not to the entire Ancestry database.


What if I already have an account?

All the records made available through the Pennsylvania partnership are included in your subscription. Your search results will include all of the records available on


Zip Code Verification Troubleshooting Tips

If the zip code verification is not working please send all of the following information to the PHMC web administrator:

  • Exact browser name and version number. [Example: Google Chrome, Version 40.0.2214.115 (64-bit)]
  • Exact operating system and version number. [Example: Mac OS X, Version 10.10.2]
  • A screenshot of the error message you receive on the zip code verif​ication page (err16).


Access Pennsylvania

If you experience problems with this form, please try the troubleshooting tips listed above


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