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​Login Credentials

Basic, Pro, or Business account users are required to have a login to submit projects and resources in PA-SHARE. This will be either Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) credentials or Keystone Login.

CWOPA Credentials

Users with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) credentials use their email address and CWOPA password to sign in to PA-SHARE.  This includes contractors working for the commonwealth that have "c-" at the beginning of their email address.

Keystone Login

For users without CWOPA credentials, Keystone Login serves as the authentication platform for PA-SHARE.

Keystone Login is a single, secure user account management system for doing online business with any Commonwealth of Pennsylvania agency. The commonwealth introduced the universal Keystone Login in December 2019 as the universal replacement for the former Keystone ID and PALogin systems.  Many commonwealth agencies utilize Keystone Login for citizens and anyone doing business with the commonwealth so they can access programs and services.

Keystone Login provides increased security with advanced authentication tools to prevent unauthorized access and protect personal data.  Users also appreciate the increased convenience of having only one username and password for multiple commonwealth services.

Register for a Keystone Login

The process to register for your Keystone Login is simple and quick.

Step 1: Visit and click "Register".

Step 2: Complete the online form and click "Register". Here is a quick summary of what types of information you'll need to provide.

  • Personal Information: You will be asked for your first name, last name, and date of birth. These three fields are required and needed for secure user authentication. Please note that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania respects your privacy and will not share your information from Keystone Login with any third parties. PA SHPO does not have access to this information as part of your PA-SHARE account.
  • Contact Information: You will need to include your email address to use PA-SHARE.
  • Login Information: Enter your preferred username and password following the security guidelines outlined on the registration form.
    • NOTE: Do not use your email address as your username or create a username that includes special characters, which are not accepted by PA-SHARE.
  • Security Questions: You will be required to select three security questions and provide responses to protect your account.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email.  Keep your Keystone Login credentials to sign in to PA-SHARE. NOTE: Please wait at least 30 minutes before trying to sign in to PA-SHARE with your Keystone Login for the first time.

The Keystone Login website has helpful information as well as a Help Desk, which can be reached by phone at 877-328-0995 or by email at

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you've only just set up or changed your Keystone login, please wait at least 30 minutes or more before signing in to PA-SHARE as there can be a delay between the Keystone login and PA-SHARE systems.
  • You may have an incompatible user name/email issue. That needs to be corrected in Keystone Login. Please log into the Keystone Login credentials page and verify that you can log into the Keystone site. Next, verify that you have user name that is NOT an email address and that you included your email address in your Keystone Login user profile. ArcPortal, which verifies our user names, cannot accept a name with an @ in it (or any other special symbol), so your user name and email must be separate. If your user name does include any special characters, please contact Keystone to change it.  
  • If you have successfully signed in to PA-SHARE in the past and you have multiple Keystone login accounts, make sure you are signing in to PA-SHARE with the Keystone username and password associated with the email used in PA-SHARE. Keystone allows you to create multiple accounts but you can only use an email address once. The email address in your Keystone login account must be the same as the one you used to sign in to PA-SHARE previously.
  • You may be having issues with a pop-up blocker. PA-SHARE users will see an ESRI Enterprise pop up for the sign in process. Try disabling your pop-up blocker and signing in again. If you are unable to disable the blocker, or are still having issues, try logging into PA-SHARE using the Incognito mode of Chrome or the InPrivate window of Edge (to be sure there are no hidden stored credentials).
  • If you are still experiencing problems, clear your browser cache in Chrome or Edge as well as any stored credentials (usernames and passwords). After you clear the cache, close the browser and restart it. Then try to log into PA-SHARE.