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Environmental review of projects is assigned to the appropriate SHPO architectural and archaeological review staff by region. If you have questions about a review, please consult the archaeology environmental review map and/or above ground environmental review map to determine who you should contact.

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) provides a historic preservation specialist to review all HUD funded programs and projects under administration by DCED. Special forms for Section 106 consultation and compliance specifically tailored to HUD programs are available for use. Those forms can be downloaded from DCED's website.

Please direct all inquiries regarding HUD programs administered by DCED to Pamela Reilly at or call 717.720.1441. Otherwise, all inquiries regarding HUD programs administered directly by municipalities or counties should be directed to Jenna Solomon at or call 717.783.9919.

Archaeological Resources

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Doug McLearen, Division Chief 

Mark Shaffer

Casey Hanson

Above Ground Resources

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Barbara Frederick, Section Chief

Cheryl Nagle

Emma Diehl

Statewide Above Ground Reviews

HUD funded projects administered by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development:

Pamela Reilly

HUD funded projects in Direct Entitlement Communities (see

Jenna Solomon