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Options & Subscriptions

PA-SHARE will include four levels of access to accommodate user needs for interacting with PA SHPO.  Additional functionality will be available for different levels of access.


Guest Access: Ideal for one-time or infrequent users.  As an anonymous user, no account or login is required.

Basic Access: Ideal for users who do not need enhanced data, mapping and tracking functionality. A free account is required. Users access PA-SHARE using either Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) or Keystone Login credentials.

Pro Access: Ideal for preservation or planning professionals, students, small non-profits or municipal governments.


Guest Account

Basic Account

Pro Account

Business Account

CWOPA or Keystone LoginNoneRequired
Subscription RequiredNoNoYes
Number of UsersOneOneOneUp to 5 users
CostFreeFree$50/month $275/annually $275/month $875/annually
Electronic SubmissionsSuccess Stories onlyProjects, Resources & Success StoriesProjects, Resources & Success StoriesProjects, Resources & Success Stories
Data & Attachments ViewLimited; abbreviated attribute tables and some attachmentsLimited; abbreviated attribute tables and some attachmentsFull; complete attribute tables and all digitized recordsFull; complete attribute tables and all digitized records
Web Maps & Map ToolsCultural resources and 5 additional layers; no map toolsCultural resources and 10 additional layers; no map toolsCultural resources and 14 additional layers; all map toolsCultural resources and 14 additional layers; all map tools
Printing/ExportingPrint map onlyPrint map onlyPrint map and export tables to .csv and spatial searches as shapefilesPrint map and export tables to .csv and spatial searches as shapefiles
Surveyor Mobile App ​Not Available
​Not Available
Yes, allowing users to conduct building and archaeological surveys in the field with a mobile device, to manage and edit data through a companion web app, and to submit resource data to PA-SHAREYes, allowing users to conduct building and archaeological surveys in the field with a mobile device, to manage and edit data through a companion web app, and to submit resource data to PA-SHARE
Submission & Project Tracking DashboardNot Available
Address Book ​Not Available
​Not Available
At-A-Glance  DashboardNot Available
​Not Available


PA-SHARE has built in functionality that can help streamline, manage, and improve your projects. Below is more information on some of PA-SHARE’s uses and benefits.

Electronic Submissions: Basic, Pro and Business accounts can electronically submit projects, above-ground and below-ground resources, and success stories to the PA-SHPO.  Guest users are only able to submit success stories electronically.

Surveyor: Available only to Pro and Business accounts, Surveyor is a form-centric, mobile solution to conduct resource surveys in the field by capturing data on buildings, archaeological sites and districts using hand-held devices. All data is stored in a secure cloud-based environment, with a companion web application that allows users to review, manage and edit the incoming survey data and ultimately submit the resource data to SHPO for inclusion in the PA- SHARE database.

Data Access: In 2019, PA SHPO completed a multi-year project that digitized 1+ million pages of resource and project files held in the PA SHPO's Harrisburg library. Pro and Business users have full access to these digitized files as well as full attribute tables for resources and projects in PA-SHARE.  Guest and Basic accounts can only view abbreviated attribute tables for resource data and selected attachments, such as National Register nominations, Multiple Property Documentation Forms (MPDFs) and report abstracts.

Search and Export: Pro and Business accounts can export search results tables to .csv files and spatial search results for mapped resource and survey data as shapefiles.  They also have access to map tools to make searching, creating, and editing maps easier.  Guest and Basic accounts are limited to printing on-screen search results from a table or map.

Map Layers: All users can view and turn on/off layers for cultural resources and municipal and political boundaries on PA-SHARE's web maps. Basic accounts have access to the cultural resources layers, municipal and political boundaries layers, plus layers for Pennsylvania soils, physiographic zones, and watersheds.  Pro and Business accounts have access to all of PA-SHARE's available layers, which in addition to those listed for the Basic account includes layers for various environmental and managerial jurisdictions like national heritage areas.

Dashboards: Pro and Business accounts have the advantage of dashboards and address books to help manage their projects in PA-SHARE. Basic users must track submissions and projects via a system-generated link in an email response.  Pro users have their own dashboards to track submissions, projects, requests, and correspondence.  Business accounts also have an at-a-glance dashboard for each registered user and an organization dashboard, which can track the number of submissions without consolidated response, number of open requests, number of open submissions and open requests by primary contact, and number of open projects by project type.


Public Service Subscription

PA SHPO may grant a Public Service subscriptions at no cost on a case-by-case basis to individuals who will assist the PA SHPO in improving the quality of the data held within PA-SHARE.  Such access may be granted for the following types of requests:

  • Certified Local Government (CLG) Access One PA-SHARE Pro subscription will be assigned to the primary CLG contact for each PA Certified Local Government. Subscription will be renewed following the submission and PA SHPO approval of the CLG's annual report and provided Certified Local Government status is maintained. Additional subscriptions may be purchased at the standard rates.
  • Survey & Planning Partner Access Partners with a current and active Survey and/or Planning project will receive one PA-SHARE Pro subscription. Expiration date of the Pro subscription will be established upon account registration, according to Public Service Subscription Terms and Conditions. This subscription is for use exclusively by the planning office staff member/grantee project manager overseeing the project. Any individual, organization or firm awarded a bid to complete the survey and/or planning project will be responsible for purchasing the appropriate PA-SHARE subscription in order to complete the project.
  • Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA) Access Data entry is available to all SPA members as part of the PA-SHARE Basic subscription. PA-SHARE Pro subscriptions may be provided to SPA members working on a purely voluntary basis. These subscriptions will be provided on a limited-term and project specific basis and will require proof of SPA membership. If any part of the work is being done for profit, a subscription must be purchased at the regular rate.
  • Programmatic Agreement/Memorandum of Agreement Access/Strategic Partner Access PA-SHARE Pro or Business subscriptions may be authorized as per conditions of a Programmatic Agreement (PA) or Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between PHMC-PA SHPO and an agency or nonprofit organization carrying out terms of the agreement. The PA or MOA will be linked with corresponding PA-SHARE project records. The expiration date of subscription will be established upon account registration.
  • Educational Access PA SHPO may consider providing one PA-SHARE Pro subscription to aid in overseeing work completed purely for research purposes between an individual or university department. This subscription will be issued on a limited-term, project specific basis. For-profit projects are not eligible.
  • Special Approval Access Other individuals or organizations not working for profit or income who submit a significant amount of information of value to the PA SHPO may request a Special Approval Access subscription. This PA-SHARE Pro subscription will be issued on a limited-term, project specific basis. Income-generating projects are not eligible.

To request a "Request for PA-SHARE Public Service Subscription" form, please send an email to


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