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PA SHPO Education & Outreach​

Education is a catalyst for change, and that is no different when it comes to historic preservation. PA SHPO believes that providing Pennsylvanians with relevant, practical, and accurate information about historic preservation is critical to helping them to manage change in their communities and to better understand the role older and historic places and archaeological sites can and do have in our lives. 

Education and outreach are core components of the PA SHPO's mission and programs because they enable Pennsylvanians to engage with and promote preservation in their own communities.  The information and links on these pages are useful for Pennsylvanians interested in learning more about historic preservation, federal and state historic preservation programs, and preserving older and historic places. 

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Learn more about PA SHPO's community engagement activities in the PA SHPO's Annual Report.

Submission Notice

Please Note: By submitting materials with respect to state and federal historic preservation programs administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), you grant to the PHMC the rights to:

- Use the materials for education and promotional purposes and to promote the mission of the PHMC;
- Publish the materials on the PHMC website, and
- Make the materials available to researchers and scholars