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​1927 Pennsylvania Triennial Census

The 1927 Pennsylvania Triennial Census data provides a rare resource of primary data for Pennsylvania farms in the early 20th century. No federal agricultural census material exists in manuscript form from 1890-1940 (census returns were accidentally or deliberately destroyed for these decades). Consequently, historians of agriculture are handicapped in developing a picture of early 20th century agriculture in the United States. Only a few states conducted surveys or any sort of data collection for the early 20th century. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania collected data twice — in 1924 and 1927. The 1927 census includes more fields and information about households and modern technology not gathered in the 1924 census.

The Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg houses these census records. They are located in Record Group 1, (The Department of Agriculture) Records of the Division of Crop Reporting, 1924-1928. 

Census Data Maps

Statewide maps created from the 1927 Triennial Pennsylvania Agricultural Census' county summaries:

Acres of Hay
Acres of Corn for Silage
Acres of Oats
Acres of Wheat
Number of Chickens and Hens
Number of Farms
Number of Horses of Working Age
Number of Milk Cows
Number of Swine
Number of Silos
Percent of Farmland in Crops
Number of Tractors
Average Farm Size
Percent of Farm Tenancy

Citing 1927 Census Manuscripts

The following format should be used when citing manuscripts from the 1927 Triennial Agriculture Census:

Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg; Record Group 1, Records of the Department of Agriculture; Division of Crop Reporting; Farm Census Returns, 1927, [County], [Township].

For individual farm entries, also give page and line number.