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Bedford County Revolutionary War Militia

1st Battalion, 1777-1780

Commanding Officers:

  • Col. William Parker
  • Lt. Col. Charles Cessna
  • Major Robert Culbertson
Township (if known) Company
  1st Company:
  • Capt. Thomas Buck
  • 1st Lt. Samuel Moore
  • 2nd Lt. John Moore
  • Ensign Joshua Owens
  2nd Company:
  • Capt. Gideon Ritchey
  • 1st. Lt. Edward Roose
  • 2nd Lt. James Dinsmore
  • Ensign Henry Williams
Brothers' Valley 3rd Company:
  • Capt. Henry Rhoads
  • 1st Lt. Frederick Am---l
  • 2nd Lt. Jacob Glessnor
  • Ensign Philip Cable
Turkey Foot 4th Company:
  • Capt. William Black
  • 1st Lt. Oliver Drake
  • 2nd Lt. David Jones
  • Ensign Henry Abrams
Quemahoning 5th Company:
  • Capt. James Wells
  • 1st. Lt. David Wright
  • 2nd Lt. Aaron Wright
  • Ensign Solomon Adams
Bedford Town 6th Company:
  • Capt. Richard Dunlap
  • 1st Lt. Cornelius McAuley
  • 2nd Lt. James Beatty
  • Ensign Henry Ewalt

1st Battalion, 1781-1783

Commanding Officers:

  • Lt. Col. Charles Cessna
  • Major Andrew McCann
Township (if known) Company
Bethel Township 1st Company:
  • Capt. Henry Rush
  • Lt. John Longstretch
  • Ensign Jacob Shingletaker
Providence Township 2nd Company:
  • Capt. Thomas Davies
  • Lt. James John
  • Ensign Thomas Harrod
Cumberland Valley 3rd Company:
  • Capt. Evan Cessna
  • Lt. Samuel Borland
  • Ensign Dickey Berkshire
Cumberland Valley 4th Company:
  • Capt. Samuel Paxton
  • Lt. Mathew Kelly
  • Ensign Richard Wood
Air Township 5th Company:
  • Capt. Charles Taggart
  • Lt. David Hunter
  • Ensign John Rankin
Providence Township (having bounds that run on south side of the Juniata except John John Leviston, Amos Jones Adam Miller and Abraham Covalt and all inhabitants of Whipas Cove to belong to the same district laid out by Edward Coombs on 12 July 1781) 6th Company:
  • Capt. George Enslow
  • Lt. unknown
  • Ensign George Peck
Colerain Township 7th Company:
  • Capt. Gideon Ritchey
  • Lt. Edward Rose
  • Wnsign Henry Williams
Air and Bethel Townships 8th Company:
  • Capt. James McKenny
  • Lt. Abednego Stephens
  • Ensign Moses Graham

2nd Battalion, 1777-1780

Commanding Officers:

  • Col. George Ashman
  • Lt. Col. Thomas Paxton
  • Major Martin Longstrath
Township (if known) Company
  1st Company:
  • Capt. James Martin
  • 1st. Lt. Campbell Lefevre
  • 2nd Lt. Isaac Lefevre
  • Ensign Samuel Martin
  2nd Company:
  • Capt. Hugh Prather
  • 1st. Lt. William Kelly
  • 2nd Lt. Thomas Morgan
  • Ensign Joseph Cornelius
  3rd Company:
  • Capt. Thomas Blair
  • 1st Lt. Joseph Orbison
  • 2nd Lt. Robert Garner
  • Ensign Robert Galbraith
  4th Company:
  • Capt. John Hamilton
  • 1st Lt. Frederick Storts
  • 2nd Lt. Philip Longstreth
  • Ensign Henry Lavary
  5th Company:
  • Capt. James Gibson
  • 1st. Lt. John Galloway
  • 2nd Lt. William Alexander
  • Ensign David Hunter
  6th Company:
  • Capt. Abraham Covalt
  • 1st Lt. Samuel McFadden
  • 2nd Lt. Henry Rush, Sr.
  • Ensign Bethuel Covalt
  7th Company:
  • Capt. James Warford
  • 1st Lt. Jonathan Payne
  • 2nd Lt. Samuel Payne
  • Ensign Joseph Coombs
  8th Company:
  • Capt. Evan Shelby
  • 1st Lt. Azer Russ
  • 2nd Lt. Thomas Davy
  • Ensign David Evans

2nd Battalion, 1781-1783

Commanding Officers:

  • Lt. Col. Hugh Davidson
  • Major John Shaver
Township (if known) Company
Baree Township 1st Company:
  • Capt. John Spencer
  • Lt. Edward Rickets
  • Ensign Thomas Wolson
Dublin Township 2nd Company:
  • Capt. David Walker
  • Lt. James Swagers
  • Ensign Samuel Coyle
Baree Township 3rd Company:
  • Capt. John Dean
  • Lt. John Swagers
  • Ensign Samuel Coyle
Huntington Township 4th Company:
  • Capt. John Thorlton
  • Lt. Thomas Montgomery
  • Ensign James Maginess
Shirley Township 5th Company:
  • Capt. George Wilson
  • Lt. John Morton
  • Ensign George Gooshorn
Providence Township 6th Company:
  • Capt. Jacob Gonow (Ganor)
  • Lt. John Free
  • Ensign Robert Criswell
Lower District Barree Township 7th Company:
  • Capt. Gavin Cluggage
  • Lt. William Byron
  • Ensign Benjamin Brown
Dublin Township 8th Company:
  • Capt. Thomas Blair
  • Lt. Robert Gardner
  • Ensign Nicholas Koons

3rd Battalion, 1777-1780

Commanding Officers:

  • Col. William McAlevt
  • Lt. Col. Samuel Jack
  • Major Andrew Devinney
Township (if known) Company
  1st Company:
  • Capt. William Simonton
  • 1st. Lt. Jacob Laird
  • 2nd Lt. James Vansant
  • Ensign John Vansant
  2nd Company:
  • Capt. John Thompson
  • 1st. Lt. James Caldwell
  • 2nd Lt. Samuel Rhea
  • Ensign James Crawford
  3rd Company:
  • Capt. Joshua Davis
  • 1st Lt. Morris Cain
  • 2nd Lt. Thomas Miller
  • Ensign Jacob Shoub
  4th Company:
  • Capt. John Shaver
  • 1st Lt. Thomas Willson
  • 2nd Lt. George Jackson
  • Ensign William Enyart
  5th Company:
  • Capt. Henry Black
  • 1st. Lt. William Devinny
  • 2nd Lt. William Moore
  • Ensign Andrew Jones
  6th Company:
  • Capt. William Johnston
  • 1st Lt. Thomas Johnston
  • 2nd Lt. William Caldwell
  • Ensign Robert Kirkpatrick
  7th Company:
  • Capt. John Little
  • 1st Lt. John Willson
  • 2nd Lt. Alexander McCormick
  • Ensign Alexander Ewing
  8th Company:
  • Capt. Daniel Carpenter
  • 1st Lt. Francis Cluggage
  • 2nd Lt. Adam Thompson
  • Ensign John Lewis

3rd Battalion, 1781-1783

Commanding Officers:

  • Lt. Col. Bernard Dougherty
  • Major John Woods
Township (if known) Company
Turkey Foot Township 1st Company:
  • Capt. Oliver Drake
Brothers Valley 2nd Company:
  • Capt. Christopher Brigeley
Brothers Valley? 3rd Company:
  • Capt. George Hostadler
  4th Company:
  • Capt. Samuel Moore
Milford Township 5th Company:
  • Capt. Peter Ankeny
Bedford Township 6th Company:
  • Capt. Solomon Adams
  7th Company:
  • Capt. William McCall
Brothers Valley? 8th Company:
  • Capt. Philip Cable