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Electronic Records

Managing Electronic Records

  • Electronic records, including e-mail messages and attachments meeting the definition of records, must be scheduled in accordance with Management Directive 210.5 (PDF).
  • Information Technology Policy (ITP) relating to the management of electronic records throughout their life cycle, including policy for systems design, web records and EDMS can be found in ITPs that begin with 'INFRM' (specifically INFRM001, 004, 005, 006).
  • Electronic records must be retained and disposed of in accordance with agency-specific and/or general retention and disposition schedules approved by the Executive Board.
  • In order to keep electronic records accessible for the duration of the full retention period, agencies may need to migrate the data to upgraded software and/or hardware systems and/or different media.
  • Electronic records reach their final disposition date when they have met established retention periods in the agency. They are then either destroyed by the agency or transferred to the State Archives as indicated in the records retention and disposition schedules.

 Electronic Records Policies

Helpful Handouts for Email and E-Records