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Historic Contexts Organized by Region


 Note: Historic contexts and research papers are available as National Register nominations or reports in PA-SHARE by searching for the PA-SHARE report (RP) number provided. 

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  • 2005RP00165: A Context for Common Historic Bridge Types
  • 2021RP00051:  African American Churches and Cemeteries in Pennsylvania, c. 1644-c.1970
  • 2009RP00226: African American History in Pennsylvania Theme Study; The Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political Legacy of African Americans in Pennsylvania, 1690-2010
  • 2010RP00241: Pennsylvania's African American Historic Resources, Survey Report of Findings
  • 2008RP00221: Blueprints for the Citizen Soldier: A Nationwide Historic Context Study of United States Army Reserve Centers
  • 1986RP00041: Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) Architecture in Pennsylvania State Parks: 1933-1942, Thematic Resources
  • 1986RP00038: Highway Bridges Owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Thematic Resources
  • 2007RP00125: Agricultural Resources of Pennsylvania, c1700-1960. See also: 
  • 1984RP00051: Historic Survey of State Mental Hospitals in Pennsylvania
  • 1991RP00111: Iron and Steel Resources of Pennsylvania
  • 1989RP00064: Pennsylvania National Guard Armories
  • 2007RP00160: Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Pennsylvania, 1682-1969
  • 2007RP00131: Pennsylvania Schools Survey Summary Report
  • 2014RP00077: Pennsylvania Theaters: A Historic Context
  • 2010RP00255: Research Guide for Developing a Context for Evaluating Post World War II Suburbs
  • 2012RP00495: Researchers Guide for Documenting and Evaluating Railroads of Pennsylvania
  • 2003RP00120: Thematic Study and Guidelines: Identification and Evaluation of U.S. Army Cold War Era Military- Industrial Historic Properties

  • 2011RP00401: United States Second Generation Veterans Hospitals
  • 2018RP00494: United States Third Generation Veterans Hospitals, 1946-1958
  • 2012RP00501: USPS Nationwide Historic Context Study: Postal Facilities Constructed or Occupied Between 1940 and 1971
  • 2000RP00171: Vigilance in Pennsylvania: Underground Railroad Activities in the Keystone State, 1837-1861

Eastern Region

  • 2010RP00226: African American Churches of Philadelphia, 1787-1949
  • 1980RP00034: Berks County Covered Bridges Thematic Resources
  • 1980RP00046: Covered Bridges of Chester County Thematic Resources
  • 1991RP00107: Farms in Berks County, Pennsylvania
  • 1981RP00051: The Four Public Squares of Philadelphia TR
  • 2012RP00494: Historic Context for the City of Philadelphia
  • 1995RP00140: Public Housing in Philadelphia
  • 2010RP00270: A History of Philadelphia's Department of Recreation, 1880-2010
  • 1989RP00088: Gristmills in Berks County, Pennsylvania
  • 2012RP00505: Industrial and Commercial Buildings Related to the Textile Industry in the Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia
  • 2010RP00249: Log Houses In Bucks County
  • 2009RP00229: Modernism in Philadelphia, 1945 to 1980
  • 1986RP00058: Philadelphia Public Schools Thematic Resources
  • 2013RP00272: Road and Highway Resources of Southeastern Pennsylvania 1681-1970
  • 1981RP00063: Strasburg Road, Chester County Thematic Resources
  • 1992RP00123: Historic and Architectural Resources of the Upper Delaware Valley, New York and Pennsylvania, MPS
  • 1982RP00016: The Thomas Thematic Group (A part of the Multiple Resource Nomination of West Whiteland Township
  • 1985RP00046: West Branch Brandywine Creek Multiple Resources

Central Region

  • 1979RP00080: Covered Bridges of Juniata and Snyder Counties Thematic Resources
  • 1980RP00037: Covered Bridges of Adams, Cumberland and Perry Counties Thematic Resources
  • 1980RP00038: Covered Bridges of Lancaster County Thematic Resources
  • 1980RP00021: Covered Bridges of Bradford, Sullivan and Lycoming Counties Thematic Resources
  • 1979RP00065: Covered Bridges of Columbia and Montour Counties Thematic Resources
  • 1979RP00025: Covered Bridges of Northumberland County Thematic Resources
  • 2004RP00104: Historic Context Statement and Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Forms for Michaux State Forest
  • 1994RP00215: Historic Farming Resources of Lancaster County
  • 1990RP00086: Tobacco Buildings in Lancaster City
  • 1991RP00106: Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
  • 1978RP00019: Pennsylvania Railroad Rolling Stock Thematic Resources
  • 1992RP00122: Railroad Resources of York County
  • 1990RP00113: The Company Towns of the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company: Robertsdale and Woodvale PA
  • 1979RP00047: Union County Covered Bridges Thematic Resources
  • 2000RP00149: Adams County Properties Associated with the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863

Western Region

  • 1989RP00071: A Legacy of Coal: The Coal Company Towns of Southwestern Pennsylvania
  • 1997RP00129: Historic Aluminum Resources of Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1888-1947
  • 1985RP00042: Allegheny County Owned River Bridges Thematic Resources
  • 1998RP00074: Historic Resources of the Allegheny River Navigation System 1739-1948
  • 2000RP00121: Historic Resources of the Monongahela River Navigation System in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 1838-1950
  • 1979RP00039: Covered Bridges of Erie County Thematic Resources
  • 1979RP00032: Covered Bridges of Washington and Greene Counties Thematic Resources
  • 2014RP00004: Covered Bridges of Indiana County Thematic Resources
  • 1993RP00142: Bituminous Coal and Coke Resources of Pennsylvania, 1740-1945
  • 1990RP00119: Blair County and Cambria County PA: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
  • 1991RP00106: Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
  • 1994RP00247: Westmoreland County Pennsylvania: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
  • 1980RP00027: Covered Bridges of Somerset County Thematic Resources
  • 1994RP00248: Greensboro/ New Geneva Architecture c. 1790-1944; Settlement, Transportation Improvements, and Development of the Greensboro/New Geneva Area c. 1760-1944; Greensboro/New Geneva Glass Industry 1797-1858; Greensboro/New Geneva Pottery Industry c. 1800-1914
  • 1993RP00135: Historic Resources Survey of the Aluminum Industry in Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, Pennsylvania
  • 1989RP00089: The Character of a Steel Mill City: Four Historic Neighborhoods of Johnstown, PA
  • 2003RP00156: "For Want of a Home": A Historic Context for Wherry and Capehart Military Family Housing
  • 1979RP00028: Lawrence County Covered Bridges Thematic Resources
  • 1995RP00123: Historic Resources of the National Road in Pennsylvania
  • 1997RP00093: Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor Historic Resources: Franklin to Westmoreland Counties, PA
  • 1986RP00032: Pittsburgh Public Schools Thematic Group
  • 1992RP00086: Whiskey Rebellion Resources in Southwestern Pennsylvania
  • 1997RP00092: Resources of the Oil Industry in Western Pennsylvania, 1859-1945

Eastern and Central Regions

  • 1997RP00140: Anthracite-Related Resources of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1769-1945
  • 1994RP00275: Civil War Era National Cemeteries
  • 1980RP00033: Covered Bridges of the Delaware River Watershed Thematic Resources

Western and Central Regions

  • 1995RP00148: A Study of the Vernacular Architecture of Central and Southwestern PA with a Particular Emphasis on the Barns of These Regions
  • 2008RP00228: Armory Historic Context, Army National Guard
  • 1993RP00142: Bituminous Coal and Coke Resources of Pennsylvania, 1740-1945
  • 2011RP00402: Folk Log Structures in Pennsylvania
  • 1997RP00093: Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor Historic Resources: Franklin to Westmoreland Counties, PA
  • 2007RP00184: Lumber Heritage Area Management Plan
  • 1989RP00111: Two Historic PA Canal Towns: Alexandria and Saltsburg