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​Welcome to PA History 2 G0, a series of videos produced by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC), with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. These short videos serve to introduce you, the virtual visitor, to Pennsylvania's state-owned historic sites and museums as we explore the varied stories that make up the commonwealth's rich history. 

Adjacent to the State Capitol in Harrisburg, the State Museum is the official museum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The State Museum of Pennsylvania demonstrates that Pennsylvania's story is America's story.

📽️ Learn about the history and exhibits of the State Museum of Pennsylvania.


📽️ Learn about the three artists, Janet deCoux, Vincent Margliotti and Charles Rudy, who were chosen to celebrate Pennsylvania's heritage while being accessible to modern aduiences.


📽️ A look at Pennsylvania Natural History exhibits at the State Museum of Pennsylvania.


📽️ Sheep Rock Shelter is located in Huntington County, Pennsylvania. Discovered in 1957, this dry rock overhang enabled the preservation of organic material, something almost never found in the wet, humid climate of Pennsylvania.