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Welcome to Eckley Miners' Village 

Welcome to PA History 2 G0, a series of videos produced by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC), with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. These short videos serve to introduce you, the virtual visitor, to Pennsylvania's state-owned historic sites and museums as we explore the varied stories that make up the commonwealth's rich history.

Eckley Miners' Village tells the story of the people of Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal region. Anthracite coal, an excellent fuel source because of it is hard, dense and nearly pure carbon, changed industrial production in Pennsylvania and the United States. These videos will guide you through one of Pennsylvania's most treasured historic sites. 

 📽️ Eckley Miners' Village tells the story of the anthracite mining boom in Pennsylvania.


📽️ Anthracite coal mining fostered communities of miners, their families, businesses and spiritual life.