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​Welcome to Drake Well Museum

Welcome to PA History 2 G0, a series of videos produced by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC), with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. These short videos serve to introduce you, the virtual visitor, to Pennsylvania's state-owned historic sites and museums as we explore the varied stories that make up the commonwealth's rich history.

olonel Edwin Drake and Uncle Billy Smith struck oil in August of 1859, launching the modern petroleum industry. The Drake Well was the first successful commercial oil well. The Drake Well Museum and Park, in Titusville, Pa., tells not only the evolution of oil drilling, but also the sacrifices made by those diverse people who labored to make their fortunes.  

 📽️ Colonel Edwin Drake and Uncle Billy Smith struck oil in August 1859 and launched the modern petroleum industry.  


📽️  Drake Well Museum shows the evolution of drilling from manual to steam power, then to gas-powered engine drilling.


📽️ Long before Edwin Drake struck oil in 1859, Native Americans and early settlers collected crude oil close to the surface of the ground. 


 📽️ The Drake Well Museum tells the story of the diverse people who came to northwestern Pennsylvania to seek their fortune in the oil industry.