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​Record Groups (Government Records)

RG 001 Department of Agriculture
RG 002 Department of the Auditor General
RG 003 Civil Service Commission
RG 004 Office of the Comptroller General
RG 005 Constitutional Conventions and Council of Censors
RG 006 Department of Forests and Waters
RG 007 General Assembly
RG 008 General Loan Office and State Treasurer
RG 009 General State Authority
RG 010 Office of the Governor
RG 011 Department of Health
RG 012 Department of Highways
RG 013 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
RG 014 Department of Internal Affairs
RG 015 Department of Justice
RG 016 Department of Labor and Industry
RG 017 Land Office
RG 018 Loan and Transfer Agent
RG 019 Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs
RG 020 Department of General Services
RG 021 Proprietary Government
RG 022 Department of Education
RG 023 Department of Human Services (previously Department of Public Welfare)
RG 024 Office of the Register General
RG 025 Special Commissions
RG 026 Department of State
RG 027 Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Governments
RG 028 Treasury Department
RG 029 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
RG 030 Pennsylvania State Police
RG 031 Department of Commerce
RG 032 Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
RG 033 Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
RG 034 Department of Community Affairs
RG 035 Milk Marketing Board
RG 036 Legislative Reference Bureau
RG 037 Public Utility Commission
RG 038 Superior Court
RG 039 Game Commission
RG 040 Insurance Department
RG 041 Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and its Navigable Tributaries
RG 042 Department of Revenue
RG 043 Department of Environmental Resources
RG 044 Pennsylvania Securities Commission
RG 045 Department of Mines and Mineral Industries
RG 046 Valley Forge Park Commission
RG 047 County Governments
RG 048 Municipal Governments
RG 049 Pennsylvania Higher Educational Facilities Authority
RG 050 Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System
RG 051 Department of Forestry
RG 052 Department of Transportation
RG 053 Department of Banking and Securities
RG 055 School Districts
RG 056 State Ethics Commission
RG 057 State System of Higher Education
RG 058 Department of Corrections
RG 059 State Employees' Retirement System (SERS)
RG 060 Pennsylvania Public Television Network Commission
RG 061 Office of the Inspector General
RG 062 Special Courts
RG 063 Commonwealth Court
RG 064 Office of the Lieutenant Governor
RG 065 Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
RG 066 Department of Environmental Protection
RG 067 Environmental Hearing Board
RG 069 Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
RG 070 Office of the Attorney General
RG 071 Department of Community and Economic Development
RG 072 Fish and Boat Commission
RG 073 Public Employee Retirement Commission
RG 074 Independent Regulatory Review Commission
RG 075 Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST)
RG 076 Department of Aging
RG 077 State Tax Equalization Board
RG 078 State Public School Building Authority
RG 079 Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
RG 080 MILRITE (Making Industry and Labor Right in Today's Economy) Council
RG 081 Board of Probation and Parole
RG 082 Gaming Control Board
RG 083 Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System
RG 084 Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council
RG 393 Affiliated Archives: Records of the Brevet Major General John Frederick Hartranft as Special Provost Marshal for the Trial and Execution of the Assassins of President Lincoln (from NARA RG 393)