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Growing and Sharing Community History

February 28th 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. EST

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The Pennsylvania State Archives is pleased to offer another event in its Community History Dialog series: Growing and Sharing Community History, which will be held online, February 28th from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. EST. Join us in this online discussion to inspire and help communities think about how they can collect and preserve their own history. The event is free but requires registration. 

**Important Note: Unlike previous Community History Dialog events, this event includes a pre-recorded presentation which will guide our group discussion with the speaker. Please view the recording on the PHMC YouTube channel prior to joining us for the February 28th discussion. The video, which is integral to the conversation, will not be shown during the event! Click here to watch the presentation:

Growing and Sharing Community History

Densho is a community-based archives whose mission is to preserve and share the stories of the Japanese American incarceration during World War II. Caitlin Oiye Coon will talk about Densho’s 27 year history, going from a volunteer oral history project to an award-winning non-profit organization. Today Densho has over 1,000 oral histories and about 100,000 digitized historical materials that they freely offer through the Densho Digital Repository. In addition to Densho’s dedication to preservation, they also aim to educate, collaborate, and inspire action for equity. Caitlin will discuss the ways in which they do this, from creating their own educational content, to teaming with Ted ED and podcasters, to supporting artists and writers using Densho content for interpretation and storytelling.

Caitlin Oiye Coon, Densho

The Community History Dialog series is an initiative of the Pennsylvania State Archives made possible in part through a National Historical Publications and Records Commission State Board Programming Grant.