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Employment Opportunities


Non-Civil Service Positions

Non-Civil Service job titles used by PHMC include the following (list is subject to change):

  • Maintenance and Trades: Custodial Guide, Custodial Guide Supervisor, Groundskeeper, Custodial Worker, Maintenance Repairman, Exhibit Technician, Artist Illustrator, Semi-Skilled Laborer, Able-Bodied Sailor, Coxswain, Second Mate.
  • Administrative and Clerical: Clerk Typist, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Officer.
  • Professional: Historic Preservation Specialist.

The Bureau of State Employment (BSE) fills non-civil service jobs for state agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction. Nearly one third of commonwealth jobs are non-civil service positions filled by BSE. For more information visit the BSE website or call 717-787-5703.

Civil Service Positions

Civil Service job titles used by PHMC include the following (list subject to change:

  • Engineering and Environmental Control: Architectural Designer, Architectural Supervisor.
  • Education and Museum: Archivist, Historian, Librarian, Museum Curator, Museum Educator, Museum Historic Site Administrator.

The State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) is responsible for conducting examination programs for Civil Service positions which are filled through merit selection procedures. The SCSC's website provides current information on examination schedules, application procedures, and minimum experience and training requirements for all positions. To access this information, visit SCSC's website or phone SCSC at 717-783-3058.


Internal Job Postings

Internal job postings for current Commonwealth employees are available at the Commonwealth of PA job opportunities portal.

Pennsylvania is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting workforce diversity.