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Register For CRGIS Access

Register for a CRGIS User Account

You do not need an account to view historic resource data. Just go to the CRGIS application and click the green "Open CRGIS" button on the main header bar. You do need an account to access archaeological site locations.

Registered Accounts

Access is granted to individuals, not agencies or companies, and requires submission of credentials.  We have three levels of external registered access:

  • Submitters have the same access to the maps and data searches as a public user.  They can also do remote data entry to submit new resource data for review by SHPO staff and acceptance into the CRGIS.
  • Planners can access the Pre-Contact Probability Model and view archaeological site presence/absence data in the spatial search if their job descriptions involve the regular development or evaluation of proposals for ground disturbing activities which may affect archaeological resources.  In addition, they have submission authority.
  • Archaeologists can access the Pre-Contact Probability Model and specific archaeological site location data if they meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards with a specialty in prehistoric, historic and/or under water archaeology or geomorphology.  In addition, they have submission authority.

How to Apply

Please visit the CRGIS registration page at to apply.

More Information

Email CRGIS or call 717-783-8946