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Getting Started


Registration and Access


Access to CRGIS is free. Everyone can view the data. However, map locations for archaeological sites are confidential and are therefore restricted to individuals that meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for an archaeologist.


Public User

For anyone that does not want an account, go to the CRGIS application and use the green "Open CRGIS" button.


Registered User

For anyone that already has an account, go to the CRGIS application, sign in using the button in the upper right, then use the green "Open CRGIS" button.


New User Registration

For anyone new to the system that would like to create an account, go to the CRGIS registration page. New users who create an account can save their mapping preferences and are added to the mailing list to receive information about updates and mapping unavailability due to maintenance.


Browsers and Plugins

It is recommended that the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome be used for the best user experience.  CRGIS functions in most other browsers as well.

The CRGIS uses pop-ups to display resource and report data. For these to display properly, your browser's pop-up blocker must be turned off. Internet Explorer and Chrome store this option in different locations.



We have prepared several PDF tutorials to assist you in using CRGIS:

If you need further assistance, please email CRGIS.


Other Documents