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​1880 Federal Agricultural Census

Federal agricultural schedules were taken beginning in 1840.  The 1880 agricultural schedules provide the following information for each farm:

  • Name of owner or manager
  • Number of improved and unimproved acres
  • Number of livestock owned by farmer (broken down by breed)
  • Amount of agricultural goods produced during the preceding year (broken down by crop)
  • Cash value of the farm, farming machinery, livestock, animals slaughtered during the past year, and "homemade manufactures"
  • Amount of acreage used for each kind of crop
  • Number of poultry
  • Number of eggs produced

A blank copy of the 1880 schedule is available from the National Archives at

The 1880 agricultural census records available on this website are organized by county and include the following:

  • Manuscripts: Original census schedules. These PDF files are organized by township. If a county and/or township is not listed, there is no data for it or it did not exist in 1850.
  • Tabulated Census Data: County aggregate figures broken down by municipality. The single PDF files includes tables for all available municipalities.

In addition to the 1880 census data files included on this website, the United States Census Bureau published summaries of the federal agricultural census, which can be found at the Department of Agriculture website. This information extends from the census taken in 1840 up to the one taken in 1950. These summaries contain data for states and counties, but not townships.

Census Data Maps

Statewide maps organized by crop type using the 1880 Federal Census of Agriculture's county summaries:

Average Farm Size
Barnyard Poulty Per Farm
Bushels of Corn
Bushels of Oats
Bushels of Wheat
Gallons of Milk
Number of Cows
Number of Horses
Number of Sheep
Number of Swine
Percent of Farm Tenancy
Percent of Farmland Tilled
Pounds of Butter
Tons of Hay
Value of Farm Implements

Citing 1880 Census Manuscripts

The following format should be used when citing individual data and tabulations for the 1880 census:

National Archives, Washington; Record Group 029, National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration; Federal Decennial Census, 1880, [Name of County], [Name of Township].

When citing individual farm entries, include the page and line number after the Township name.