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​World War II Records

World War II Applications for Veterans Compensation, 1950 {#19.92}
A record of Pennsylvania veterans who applied for the World War II bonus provided for by the Act of June 1, 1947 (P.L. 565). The applications contain names, signatures, residences, birth dates, places of birth, and serial numbers of the individuals, the dates of domestic and foreign service rendered, branch of service, the dates and places where the applicants entered and left active service, and the names and residences of the veteran's beneficiaries and parents.
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Records of the Pennsylvania National Guardsmen Mustered into World War II {#19.124}
Three types of forms exist in this series including enlistment, Declarations of Applicants, and a Physical Examination Reports.  Information found in the records include: name, race, place of birth, date of enlistment, citizenship status, civilian occupation, specialized qualifications, marital status, dependents, relevant medical histories, and physical description. 
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Military and Veterans' Affairs, Department of (Record Group 019)
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