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PRR Locomotive and Car Drawings

This page includes instructions for obtaining Copies OF PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad Company) Mechanical Engineering Drawings for a Particular Locomotive or Piece of Rolling Stock.

Determining Which Drawing Numbers You Want

The Pennsylvania State Archives holds a fairly complete collection of PRR Mechanical Engineering Drawings, (ca. 1875-1960. (596 cu. ft.) {#286m.361}. However, to access these drawings, which are grouped by size and then arranged numerically by drawing number, you first need to know the class of your locomotive or car to figure out what drawings pertain. Several methods exist for determining class, the most effective of which is doing or requesting a search in the Railroad Tracing Index (RTI) Database.

Railroad Tracing Index (RTI) Database

Most of the PRR Mechanical Engineering Drawings that are in our possession are indexed by class in a database known as RTI (Railroad Tracing Index). Included are all of the A, B and C size drawings (the largest drawing sizes), some of the D and F sizes, but few, if any, of the E's. Also, any drawings on digitized microfilm that we do not have original linens or blueprints for are not currently represented in RTI.

The most efficient way to access drawings via the database is to send us the appropriate standard search fee in a check or money order made out to "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" and mailed to "Railroad Archivist, Pennsylvania State Archives, 350 North St., Harrisburg, PA 17120-0090".

Specify the class or classes you want us to search. The standard search fee applies to one class (GG1, for example) or one contiguous range of classes (K4 through K4SB) only.Additional, non-contiguous classes will require additional search fees. We can mail you the results in the form of a printout, or email them in a Word or rich text format. In the result report you can read detailed descriptions of each drawing, and choose which ones you would like copied.

The RTI database can also be utilized in person by researchers visiting our search room, or a copy of the entire database can be purchased on CD for the standard file-and-disc fee (plus postage and handling) and mailed to you. It is too large to send as an email attachment.

Index to Mechanical Engineering Drawings, {series #286m.360}

If you do not find the drawings you are looking for in RTI you can try using this original manual card index created by the PRR. The index cards are grouped by class, and contain descriptions of parts and corresponding drawing numbers. Consult the finding aid for the index cards to determine whether your class is represented, and if so, what drawer it is in. Be aware that some of the drawers and cards are missing, and some of the drawings indexed may be ones we never received. This card index is also partially available on digitized microfilm that the PRR filmed in a class by class fashion. Unfortunately, it may not be complete (digitized rolls RRV 1149-1201).

Lists of Tracings, ca. 1909-1959 (596 cu. ft.) {#286m.361}

This series is a subseries of the Mechanical Engineering Drawings, ca 1875-1960.

For some classes, we hold special booklets called Lists of Tracings. Made of the same starched linen as the Mechanical Engineering Drawings, these booklets conveniently list all the tracings, in chart form and described by part, for particular classes. Below are tables that represent all "F-size" class drawings that have been copied into notebooks in the State Archives search room for research convenience. After these tables are further class listings for larger sized tracings.

Tables that represent all "F-size" class drawings


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F4103821-5-37P70gr; P70gsr (Built before 6-1-41)
F4246049-4-41P70gsr (Built after 6-1-41)
F41255910-28-37P70h; P70hr
n/an/aP70r (A/C System. Car #3756)
F4552681-25-55P85b (Car #4068 thru 4088)

Passenger Baggage Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
n/an/aPB70 (1925 Program)
F4246079-4-41PB70dr (Built after 6-1-41)

Passenger Baggage Mail Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
n/an/aPBM70a (1925 Program)

Dining Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F4246809-13-41D70cr (Built after 1-1-41. Car #4690, 4692, 4694, 4696; 4698)
F4246819-13-41D70dr (Built after 1-1-41. Car #4689, 4691; 4693)
F4246829-13-41D70er (Built after 1-1-41. Car #4695 & 4697)
F992695-12-32D78, D78b; D78c (A/C System)
F9747710-30-31D78r (A/C System. Car #4493 & 7941)
F9726910-2-31D78br (A/C System. Car #7953, 7954, 7957; 7958)
F4459679-14-50D78dr (Clerestory roof)
F4459739-18-50D78dr (Round roof)
F4555804-19-55D82 (Car #4500 and 4501)
F4495366-6-52DL85d (Car #4625 & 4627)

Multiple Unit Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F556632-19-17Truck Class 10 & 10m

Baggage Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description

Baggage Mail Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
n/an/aBM701 (1925 Program)

Dormitory Baggage Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F4236263-26-41PDB70r (Built before 6-1-41)
F4246069-4-41PDB70r (Built after 6-1-41)
F4553633-4-55PDB85 (Car #6700)

Mail Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description

Lounge and Café Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F4554033-22-55PLC70a (Car #3612)

Sleeping Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F45519012-31-54PS131 (Car #8411 to 8418)
F45519112-31-54POS21 (Car #8419 & 8420)
F4552661-25-55PS21a (Car #8291 to 8297)
F4566353-22-56PS21c (Car #8298 & 8299)
F4552621-25-55PS214 (Car #8359 & 8360)

Observation Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F4553292-17-55POC85 (Car #1126)

Business and Special Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F863149-13-28Z62; Z68
F46491812-8-69Z74b (Car #90)
F46491412-8-69Z74c (Car #180)
F829785-6-27Z74d (Car #100, 7504, 7505, 7507, 7509; 7510)
F46491112-8-69Z74d (Car #7504)
F858747-25-28Z74e (Car #7511)
n/an/aLunch counter car, Pay car, Agriculture & Dairy exhibit cars; car #90 - 180 - 4301 - 7508.

Flat Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F5166210-11-15F25, F25a; F25b


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F6638512-24-20GS, GSA, GSC; GSD


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F882504-19-29GLD (Replaced F87159)
F859838-3-28H25 (Replaced F58121)
F4608421-12-60H39; H39a

Stock Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F6648812-29-20KF, KFa


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description

Tank Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F9018311-11-29TM8; TM10

Box Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F638432-18-20X26; X26a
F4020923-6-34X29 (Replaced F73586)
F4001471-12-33X31; X31f
F463776n/aX61, X61a, X61b, X61c; X61d

Cabin Cars

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F651527-24-20NE; NEa
F4258012-20-42N5 (Replaced F47140)
F652278-5-20N6a; N6b
F4258022-20-42N6a; N6b (Replaced F65227)

Narrow Gauge

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F758837-25-24Narrow gauge equipment (W&W; OR&W)

Dynamometer and Clearance

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F636021-20-20Dynamometer car #2
F42521811-25-41Dynamometer car #2 (Car #495591)
F787289-10-25Clearance car #2

Maint. of Way and Wrecking Equipment

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F42482610-2-41Ballast spreader/snow flanger (former class XL)
F41647612-29-38Rail grinding car (car #499201 to 499215)
F41647712-29-38Rail grinding car trailer (car #499208 to 499215)
F41001311-7-36Power car (car #499200)
F4173606-15-39Power car (car #499200. Replaced F410013)
F93738n/aTower car (former class GM 68)
F4172045-5-39Wrecking equipment
F6283010-23-19Wrecking cranes


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F449096-3-13Motor truck scale (50,000 lb. capacity)
F4092397-14-36Motor truck scale (50,000 lb. capacity)
F563425-5-17Motor truck scale (200,000 lb. capacity)
F983403-9-32Ice cart
F58584n/a10' overhead watering system
F3987710-30-11Passenger car axle generator systems


Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F161638-30-015500 gal. straight & sloping. 54.5", 58"; 66" deck.
F157746-10-016000 gal. 50", 54.5", 58"; 66" deck.
F161258-21-017000 gal. 58" & 66" deck.
F347551-29-107000 gal. 82 1/4" deck. Built with M1 #4700.
F347551-29-107000 gal. 82 1/4" deck. For G5s built in 1923.
n/an/a70P82. For G5s built in 1924.
F3126803-15-1790P84 (Formerly class 7E).
n/an/a110P82a. For L.I.R.R. G5s.

Steam Locomotives

Tracing No.Issue DateClass/Description
F592626-21-18Safety valves
F1674212-24-01E1a (#269)
F2129034-1-18E2, E2a, E2b; E2c
F3129425-14-18E7s; E7sa
F1650911-8-08F3b; F3c
n/an/aG5s built 1924
F2129071-1-18H6a, H6b; H6sb
F46849n/aM1 (#4700)

Class listings for larger-sized tracings


  1. shelf GF-9000-3: #74621-D of 10/10/1923 (2 binders, 1 loose pile)
    Consists of 2 binders of linen tracings labeled #2473 and #2474. Despite the “D” portion of the tracing number, the linens are actually “E” size Locomotive classes represented are: A5s, B6SB, B8, B8A, C1, E6S, G5S, H6SB, H9S, H10S, I1S, I1SA, K2SA, K3S, K4S, K5, L1S, M1, M1A, and N1S (The loose blueprints in the pile are duplicates of the linens in the binders.)
  2. shelf GF-9000-3: #79090-D of 11/9/1925 (1 cover sheet only)
    Apparently, this used to be a set of tracings similar to those of #73262-D. However, we currently have only the cover sheet There are no lists of tracings inside (Listed on the cover sheet are the following locomotive classes, for which we currrently have NO lists of tracings: A4, B6, B6S, B6SA, B28S, CC2S, D16D, D16B, D16SB, E2, E2A, E2B, E2C, E2D, E2SD, E3, E3A, E3SA, E3SD, E5S, E7S, E7SA, H6A, H6SA, H6B, H8, H8A, H8S, H8SA, H8B, H8SB, H8C, H8SC, K2S, K2SB, L2S, N2S, and N2SA.)


  1. GF-9000-11: #79091 of 11/9/1925 (1 loose pile of blueprints with a linen coversheet)

Passenger Cars

  1. GF-9000-10: #74322-E of 1/3/1924 (1 booklet of linens)
    This list of tracings represents the more common Passenger Car classes.
  2. GF-9000-10: #55688-E of July, 1922 (1 booklet of linens)
    This list of tracings was superseded by #74322-E, above.
  3. GF-9000-10: #27764-A of 3/19/1907 (1 reader-printer-copied booklet)
    List of Tracings for class P58, Lines East & West of Pittsburgh, copied off of digitized roll RRV 24 entitled “Supervisor of Motive Power Expenditures, VARIOUS SERIES.”
  4. GF-9000-10: #437742-B of 5/13/1947 (1 rolled copy of a tracing)
    Passenger Cars - Trucks - Classification Chart
  5. GF-9000-10: Also on the "Passenger Car" shelf, although not Lists of Tracings
    per se, are the following photocopies of documentation relating to passenger cars:
    1. Specifications for Passenger Cars built by the PRR by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co., [ca. 1940]
    2. Letter, 4/2/1926, from M.E. McDonnell, Chief Chemist, to J.T. Wallis, Chief of Motive Power, describing the paint colors used on Passenger Equipment.
    3. List of Acceptable Manufacturers or Brands of Paint Material for Passenger Equipment, 1925 Program.


  1. GF-9000-9: (Caboose Directory for the Penn Central Transportation Company, 5/3/1974, 1 booklet of photocopies - mentioned here as a courtesy. Not technically part of the PRR series “Lists of Tracings.”)

Various Experimentals

  1. GF-9000-9: No number, E size, [ca. 1913-1959 (bulk: 1940-1959)] (1 linen booklet)

What to Do if You Don't Know the Class of your Locomotive or Car

  • Consult this chart (PDF) giving "nicknames" and wheel configurations for many PRR Locomotive classes.
  • Consult published books and articles, or rail-related websites relating to PRR locomotives and rolling stock.
  • Consult one or more of the following series, most of which are arranged by some value OTHER than class (equipment type, railroad line, serial number, etc.), and then GIVE the class as part of a normal entry. Other series in the list offer other types of data (serial number, railroad line, etc.) which could then be used to find the class in another record series:
    • Arranged by equipment type, then year - Classification and Ownership Books, 1941-1971. (2 cu. ft.) {#286m.271}
    • Arranged by car descriptions, then date - Cost of New Cars Record, ca 1890-1900. (.09 cu. ft.) {#286m.282}
    • Arranged by car classes - Equipment Record: Lines West of Pittsburgh, ca 1900-1906. (.71 cu. ft.) {#286m.289}
    • Arranged by railroad, then equipment type, then class - Equipment Valuation Books (MP 374), ca 1916-1968. (11 cu. ft.) {#286m.294}
    • Arranged randomly by equipment type and account number - Equipment Valuation Forms: Order No. 8, 1899-1920 (1915-1919). (5 cu. ft.) {#286m.297}
    • Arranged by railroad line, then car types and serial numbers - Freight Equip. Construction and Repair Rec.: Terra Ht and Indiana RWY, 1890-1898. (.9 cu. ft.) {#286m.302}
    • Arranged numerically, then assigned car number - Historical Record Cards for Retired Freight Cars (MP 12A), 1950-1967. (21.33 cu. ft.) {#286m.304}
    • Arranged numerically, then assigned car number - Historical Record Cards for Retired Passenger Cars (MP 12A), 1927-1955. (2 cu. ft.) {#286m.305}
    • Arranged numerically by assigned locomotive number - Historical Record Cards for Retired Steam Locos. (MP 12A), 1925-1937. (2.8 cu. ft.) {#286m.306}
    • Arranged numerically by assigned locomotive number - Historical Record Cards for Retired Steam Locos. (MP 12A), 1938-1959. (4 cu. ft.) {#286m.307}
    • Arranged numerically by assigned tender number - Historical Record Cards for Retired Steam Loco. Tenders (MP 12A),1937-1959. (3 cu. ft.) {#286m.308}
    • Arranged by car class and railroad name - Historical Record Forms for New Freight Cars (IT 210), 1919-1920. (3 cu. ft.) {#286m.309}
    • Arranged numerically by car number, then company name and equipment type - Lines East Age Books (MP 308), ca 1900-1917. (11.9 cu. ft.) {#286m.313}
    • Arranged numerically by card number, then company name and equipment type - Lines West Historical Books: Freight Car Equipment, 1900-1920. (5.16 cu. ft.) {#286m.314}
    • Arranged numerically by locomotive unit number - Monthly Locomotive Inspection and Repair Reports, 1959-1963. (3 cu. ft.) {#286m.317}
    • Arranged by car serial number - Original Desc. Book Rec. of Western NY and PA. RWY Freight Cars, 1900-1901. (1.25 cu. ft.) {#286m.322}
    • Arranged by car numbers, then company/equipment type - Passenger Car Record Books: Lines East, ca 1895-1915. (5.28 cu. ft.) {#286m.323}
    • Arranged by car numbers, then company/equipment type - Passenger Car Record Books: Lines West, ca 1895-1915. (2.88 cu. ft.) {#286m.324}
    • Arranged by railroad line, then serial number and car classes - Record of Car Equipment: South West System, ca 1885-1893. (.9 cu. ft.) {#286m.327}
    • Arranged by railroad lines, then car classes and serial numbers - Record of Cars (MP 204), [ca 1890-1900]. (.23 cu. ft.) {#286m.328}
    • Arranged by railroad company, then equipment number - Record of Class and Date Built: Lines West Freight Cars, [ca. 1900]. (.13 cu. ft.) {#286m.331}
    • Arranged by railroad lines, then equipment serial number - Record of Classification of Passenger Cars [Steel Cars], undated. (.37 cu. ft.) {#286m.332}
    • Arranged by railroad line, then car classes and serial numbers - Record of Freight Equipment: Terre Haute and Indianapolis RR, ca 1900-1907. (1.36 cu. ft.) {#286m.336}
    • Arranged by serial number of car - Record of Light Weight Freight Cars: Pennsylvania Company, ca 1900-1908. (.26 cu. ft.) {#286m.337}
    • Arranged by equipment number - Record of Rolling Stock of the Terre Haute and Peoria RR, 1890-1896. (.04 cu. ft.) {#286m.342}
    • Arranged by tank car number - Record of Tanks [Book 100], ca 1900-1905. (.1 cu. ft.) {#286m.343}
    • Arranged by car class, then date - Register of New Cars, 1883-1914. (.1 cu. ft.) {#286m.344}
    • Arranged by car number - Renumbered Freight Record Cards, 1917-1926. (8.3 cu. ft.) {#286m.345}
    • Arranged by name of company, then old equipment numbers - Renumbering Plans for Car Equipment, 1884-1900. (.02 cu. ft.) {#286m.346}
    • Arranged by month and year - Report of Condition and Assignment of Locomotives (MP 11A), 1920-1955. (.75 cu. ft.) {#286m.347}
    • Arranged by equipment classes, then locomotive or car number - Statement showing Disposition of Equip. of the United N.J. RR and Canal Co., 1884. (.02 cu. ft.) {#286m.351}
    • Arranged by old equipment numbers - Statements regarding Coke Gondolas Purchased from Pa. and North Western RR, 1895. (.01 cu. ft.) {#286m.352}
    • Arranged by rail line and equipment type, then car serial numbers - Statements showing Empire and Green Lines Freight Cars, 1865-1877. (.01 cu. ft.) {#286m.353}
    • Miscellaneous Motive Power Blueprints and Related Materials, ca 1900-1968. (2.25 cu. ft.) {#286m.316}

Viewing and Ordering Particular Drawings

  • If you wish to view PRR drawings in the archives search room, they may already be out there. There are 13 notebooks on the railroad reference shelves containing 8.5x11" photostatic reductions of most of the general arrangement and cross section tracings, grouped by class. You can request a magnifying glass or an eye "lupe" from the search room desk attendant if the details are too small to read. The notebooks are arranged by general category and class. The professionally produced photostatic reductions reproduce well and surprisingly clearly as 11x17 copies. There is a separate notebook for each of the following 13 categories:
    • Steam Locomotives
    • Electric Locomotives
    • Lines West Locomotive Diagrams (1899-1920)
    • Tenders
    • Box Cars
    • Cabin Cars, Specialty Cars, Lettering Stencils & Miscellaneous
    • Flat Cars
    • Gondolas
    • Hoppers
    • Passenger Cars
    • Vandalia RR Tenders & Various Car Types
    • Vandalia RR Passenger & Baggage Cars
    • Advisory Mechanical Committee Drawings
  • If your drawing is not in the reduction notebooks, then you can request the original to be brought out for inspection, or copied/scanned and mailed to you. Due to preservation concerns, drawings reduced in the notebooks will NOT be pulled or recopied. The most frequently used by the PRR, most of these drawings are damaged and in fragile condition.
  • If we don't have (or are unable to locate) a particular drawing number that you're interested in, you may want to consult the roughly 500 digitized rolls of the Mechanical Engineering Drawings (RRV 0378 - RRV 0948). This was made by the PRR while the drawings were still in possession of the company. If a drawing is now missing from our collection, it may well have been intact and filmed by the company. Unfortunately, however, the digitized rolls are incomplete and not always in numerical order. There is a finding aid of sorts (PRR digitized microfilm project #PC-12) available - this listing gives the number and size of the first and last drawing number on each digitized roll, offering researchers at least some idea of which digitized rolls to consult. The finding aid also notes that digitized rolls RRV 2 - RRV 75 DO have frame by frame contents listings that, while too voluminous to be placed in the search room, are available from the Archives' collection of master finding aids upon request.
  • To order a full size photocopy or scan of particular drawings once you know their numbers, you can contact the Railroad Archivist, who will see to it that the drawings are pulled, measured and copied for you. (Please Note: For preservation reasons, if your drawing IS in the aforementioned reproduction notebooks, we will NOT pull or copy the original. You will have to purchase a photoprint or electronic scan of the reduced negative or print, and if you want an enlargement, you will have to make your own arrangements with a private engineering/photo shop of your choice. The elevation drawings tend to be long, brittle and fragile. The purpose of having photostatic reductions made of them was to protect the originals by preventing further damage from use.)
  • Measurements for each size of PRR drawing:
    • F size drawing: 11" x 8.5"
    • E size drawing: 1.25 ft. x 1.5 ft.
    • D size drawing: 1.5 ft. x 2.5 ft.
    • C size drawing: 2.5 ft. x 3 ft.
    • B size drawing: rolled, 1.5' x (varies)
    • A size drawing: rolled, 3' x (varies, up to 20 ft.)