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Training and Services


Archives and Records Management Seminar 2016

Keeping the Bytes Alive: New Policies Regarding Retention of Permanent and Long-term Electronic Records

State retention policies currently require that long-term and archival records must be kept in human readable format. With changing technologies and increasing options for digital storage, the State Archives is proposing new policies that will allow state agencies, judicial offices and counties to keep most records in a digital format. Speakers will present an overview of the policy and discuss a timetable.

View Keeping the Bytes Alive video


  • David Carmicheal, State Archivist, Pennsylvania State Archives
  • Cindy Bendroth, Records Services Division Chief, Pennsylvania State Archives
  • Adam McKay, IT Manager, Administrative Office of PA Courts

Archival Basics for Historical Repositories and Local Governments

Do you have historical materials but don’t know how to care for them? This session will provide an overview of basic archival concepts for those who work or volunteer with historical records but are unfamiliar with best practices for preserving and providing access to the treasures in their collection.

View Archival Basics video


  • Josh Stahlman, Archivist, Pennsylvania State Archives


State Government Training

Classroom Courses (not web-based)

  • Intro to ERMS (Enterprise Rec. Mgmt Sys)
  • Records Mgmt for Records Coordinators
  • Scheduling Records-Completing the Forms
  • Understanding the Archives

Register for Classroom Courses

Registration for the trainings listed above is available through the Learning Solution (LSO) for all Commonwealth Employees under the Governor's jurisdiction.

  1. Log on to MyCommonwealth Workplace
  2. Click on My Training to go to Learning Solution (LSO).
  3. Under Course Catalogs, click on PA Historical & Museum Commission.
  4. Scroll down to Assigned Courses and click on the desired class.
  5. At the bottom is Course Dates and if the class is scheduled a date will be highlighted.
  6. Click on the date and then book the class. If there are no dates available and you would like to be notified when there is a class you can click prebook.

If a class does not have a self-enrollment option or if you need assistance email State Records Management or call 717-783-7330.


Local and State Government Training and Services


  • Tutorials on File Naming (YouTube video)
    North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources has created a short, easy-to-understand tutorial on file naming. A four-part tutorial, it describes why file naming is important, how to change a file name and the dos and don'ts of file naming, which mirror Pennsylvania's electronic policies.


The following presentations may be arranged for an audience of six or more:

  • Disaster Planning/Vital Records Management
    Overview of the policies, procedures, and responsibilities involved with Disaster Planning and Vital Records Management. Recommended for anyone who is responsible for designing a records disaster plan or overseeing the preservation and safeguarding of essential records. Includes case studies and risk analysis.
  • Records Management
    Introductory training for local government officers and staff, records managers, and anyone who is responsible for maintaining local government records. Covers retention schedules, records management, and considerations for media conversion.


In order to promote sound records management practices and the proper care of historical records, the Bureau of the Pennsylvania State Archives provides consultation in the following areas:

  • Helping local government agencies implement the appropriate records retention and disposition schedules
  • Providing technical advice on standards approved by the County and Local Government Records Committees
  • Assisting local government officials working to establish centralized records management /archives programs
  • Providing assistance on the proper care and storage of inactive records


For more information on local government services and training, please contact:

Email Local Government staff
(717) 772-3257


Other Organization Trainings

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC)
    MARAC holds a conference and workshops twice a year; in the spring and fall. The conference has many training opportunities not only for archivists, but records managers.
  • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    The National Archives has training opportunities primarily for federal records officers but some are relevant to local government and Commonwealth employees.
  • Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)
    AIIM is focused on research and best practices and can help organizations, including government entities find, control and optimize their information.
  • ARMA International
    ARMA is the professional organization for records and information professionals. ARMA has a large national convention as well as regional chapter workshops and online certificate programs.